Crown of Flames

Presented by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

“Crown Of Flames, Mantle Of Memory, Door To Tomorrow”

This is a participatory ritual so come prepared to raise energy, make choices, and do magick. We will be calling forth the crowns of our sovereignty, our divine flames. We will summon the deep memories, of land, ancestors, and the many parts of our selves. Lastly, we will open the portal, open the door to tomorrow. Some will step through into a future of their choosing. Some will look through to see what they need for the next chapter of their life. Some may choose to anchor and support the rite. This ritual will draw upon the streams of multiple traditions, and will join with the power of the Solstice and the approaching Dark Moon to make the work true and new beginning.

Grief Healing Circle

Grief Healing Circle Friday 10:30

More information on this to come from Luminous. Keep checking back with us as we update and solidify activities.

Universal Temple of Spirits

Global Spirits Trance Possession Rite for The Spirits of Replenishment – Tin Can Thursday 8:30 pm

More information on this ritual coming soon from UTOS. Please check back for an update soon!

Global Spirits Trance Possession Rite for The Spirits of Replenishment

In following with the theme of this year’s festival, The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for the Spirits of Replenishment.  So bring out your drums, your ritual finery, and altar items! 

We will honor our Spirits with drumming, dance, song, and art. The singing, drumming, and dancing continues throughout, and we call our Spirits into ourselves to share our celebration.

This is an open circle; you may join late or leave early (although you’ll probably miss some good stuff if you do). An outside grounding/processing space staffed skilled by possession workers will be available. This is a Pantheistic working, so we will honor Spirits from around the globe and sing in their native languages when possible. Please note that this is not an open drum circle; it is a possession-based working. The more active your participation, the more exciting the service, so… Please bring:

A Spirit you work with (preferred if this Spirit is one you would call for replenishment)

A song for them, if you have one

A design for them, as we will all be drawing for our individual Spirits.

Altar objects, if you have them.

You may wish to dress in the colors of the Spirit you’ll be honoring. Donations of food, drink, and money for supplies are appreciated, but not mandatory.The Universal Temple of Spirits is a celebratory group practicing in the Global Spirits tradition. The celebrations welcome all Spirits from around the globe. Rituals are theme-based, rather than pantheon-based, and incorporate what we have in common as humans: shared food, dance, song, drumming, art, and possession trance. Global Spirits is a harm-none tradition.  No one is required to partake of alcohol.  Our website is

Morning Blots and Evening Sumbels With Scott Mohnkern

Start your morning and evenings with ritual at Free Spirit Gathering.  Morning blots, and opening and closing sumbels have been a part of FSG for over a decade.

The Morning Blot

Each morning, at 9:00 am, the festival gathers at the upper fire circle and toasts a god or goddess.  Each day it’s a different one!  The ritual is short (normally less than 15 minutes) and is a great way to wake up in the morning.  

Opening and Closing Ecumenical Sumbels

The sumbel is a northern european tradition consisting of a series of toasts (called rounds) where we toast the gods, our ancestors, and ourselves.  We gather together in a circle, pour a horn of mead, and share in the frith of the festival.  Why not start the festival by coming to the opening sumbel and meeting new people, then  coming to the closing one, and sharing what you experienced at FSG.  

Paying the Rents- A ritual for Manannan

Lower Fire Circle Saturday 3 pm
Presented By Hugh and Sundance
Manannán mac Lir is a sea god most honored in Ireland and the Isle of Man; ‘Mac Lir’ means “son of the sea”. As well as being a sea god, He is a 
psychopomp and a gatekeeper to the Otherworld. Manannán has strong ties to the Isle of Man, and at Midsummer, the Manx people offer bundles of reeds, meadow grasses 
and yellow flowers to Him in a ritual “paying of the rent,” accompanied with prayers for His aid and protection in fishing. We will gather at the lake and 
connect with each other and with Him. We’ll sing for Manannán and make offerings of reeds, grasses and flowers. We will ask for His protection and thank Him for His gifts. 
If you wish, you may bring your own biodegradable offerings.

More rituals will be added

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