Please take a moment to refresh your memory of our event policies. If you violate any of these policies, you risk ejection without refund. Our events at Camp Ramblewood are clothing-optional. This means that you can wear as much, or as little, as you feel comfortable wearing, and that nudity is fairly common. Just because someone’s nude, however, does not mean they are inviting you to have sex with, harass, touch, or leer at them.

If someone’s behavior makes you uncomfortable, please consider first speaking directly to that person. If you don’t feel that you can resolve the issue with that person on your own, please bring your issue to the attention of a staff member or the ombudsperson in a timely fashion. We will investigate and take appropriate action. Please note that we can do nothing if you do not tell us, and if you wait until after the event is over, we can do very little. Respect others’ persons, personal space, privacy and possessions. In particular, ask permission before touching anyone else’s magickal items—drums, staffs, athames, swords, bells, chef’s knives, whatever—and if the owner refuses permission, accept that refusal politely and with good grace. By the same token, while we have had very few problems with thefts at our events, please use common sense with your personal property and valuables, as neither FSA nor the Camp can be responsible for them. If you have a question or problem, please see a staff member immediately.

Please wear your wristband all the time. It lets us know that you belong onsite, and that you’re not, e.g., sneaking in to steal everyone’s left shoes. If we find you without your wristband, we will escort you either to your cabin/tent to retrieve it or to Check-in for a replacement. Do not bring illegal substances to Camp. Do not share alcohol with folks under 21 or tobacco with folks under 18. By the same token, if you’re of legal drinking age, please be responsible with your alcohol use. Please note that giving your 21+ wristband to someone under 21 is considered the same as offering them alcohol, and will get both parties ejected.

Do not smoke inside or near cabins, on porches, or in buildings. This includes the Dance Pavilion. If you smoke, please dispose of your butts properly; a recycled Altoids tin with sand in it makes a reasonable portable ashtray. Throwing butts on the ground does not constitute proper disposal. Do not use grills or camp stoves inside cabins or on porches. Also, you may not dig your own fire pit; you may, however, use a portable fireplace. Do not burn incense, burn candles, smoke, or cook inside cabins or on cabin porches! The local Fire Department charges a substantial fine for false alarms. If you cause a false alarm, you will be responsible for paying the fine. Please be respectful of and courteous to your fellow attendees—your cabin-mates in particular—when indulging in adult activities.

Registrants can appeal partial or full denials of refunds if they can demonstrate severe, new, and unanticipated hardship as the reason behind the late refund request. Appeals will be reviewed and decided by a combined committee of the Executive FSA Team, and the Coordinator Leadership of FSG, which shall be Chaired by the FSA President.

Please note that you will need a standard form of ID to be allowed entry to FSG2020, and will be asked to produce your ticket (if able) to make check in easier.
We do allow for service animals as well as personal assistants for disabled persons (at no charge), but we do ask that you let us know ahead of time.

If you are bringing tiny pagans with you that are not yours (minors under the age of 18), there is a form that we will request that is filled out BY THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Tiny pagans in question will NOT be allowed entry without this form present.

Various other Documents and Policies If you wish to read them