HOUSING OPTIONS. A drop down menu lists choices for what sort of housing you are interested in.  You may choose tenting or one of the cabin options. There will be an ADULTS ONLY cabin on both the LARK and the OWL side of the cabin if there is need.  Please note that LARK cabins are the lettered cabins, (quiet at NIGHT) and the OWL cabins are the numbered cabins (quiet in the MORNING). It is possible that there will be children housed with their families or tenting in the area on either side of the camp.  Free Spirit Gathering is for all ages and that includes children. 

Cabin space is limited and is available on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis.  Wheelchair accessible cabin space is particularly limited to just two cabins on the OWL side of the camp.  These spaces will go to those who need them the most, again on a first come first served basis. We will make every attempt to house caregivers with those they care for as well as family members, however, it may be necessary to house additional persons in the next nearest cabin in order to accommodate those who cannot be safely housed anywhere else.  As always, your privacy is our concern and your information is never shared outside of those staff members who have a need to know.

GROUP HOUSING. You may choose to house with a group that is listed in the pull down menu. If you do not wish to house with a group, choose NONE. If you do not see your group listed, choose OTHER and note your group’s name in the space provided.  We will add your group next year, if there are enough guests requesting it.

I WOULD LIKE TO STAY WITH… You may also choose to note a particular person or persons that you wish to stay with; a space has been provided for this.  If you do not see the group you wish to stay with, please note that here. You may, of course, contact the registrar at registrar@freespiritgathering.org with any additional information or questions about the housing.