What is The Free Spirit Gathering

 Free Spirit Gathering has been held on the picturesque grounds of the Ramblewood Campground Resort in Darlington, Maryland since 1985.  We have worked diligently to ensure that our family friendly, clothing-optional gathering provides a unique and wonderful experience for people of all ages, and many paths, to have a fully enjoyable experience. We continue to strive to improve the experience, and to bring in new programming that fulfills the needs of the growing and diverse Pagan community. You can stay for all 6 days, the weekend, or just day trip.  There are golf carts and our “sport bus” to help the mobility impaired.

Who’s Invited?

YOU! You’ll meet people walking all kinds of paths — Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, Pagans, Vodouisants, Santeros, Polytheists, Monotheists, Pantheists, Atheists, Animists…you get the idea.  You don’t have to be of a particular path or practice to join us; you just have to respect the paths and practices of your fellow members of this sacred community.

What’s Happening?

We have classes and workshops for everybody – for kids, for teens, and for adults.  We also have rituals, sweats, concerts and performances, merchants, and drumming and dancing by the lakeside fire circle.
And why should you come?
Come and see old friends, make new ones, learn, teach, make things, relax, celebrate, drum, dance, nap, swim, meditate, walk the labyrinth, visit the sweat lodge, and more!

What’s should I bring with me?

Your ID (to achieve entry into the festival), bedding, tents, blankets, toiletries and towels etc as well as any other magickal things you need to have an awesome experience out at Free Spirit Gathering. Please feel free to bring anything that will make your stay more comfortable (within reason, if you claim at the gate that you need your flamethrower to have an awesome festival, we might have to ask a few questions!)

I don’t know anyone there, will I still have fun?

Of course! We’re a friendly bunch, and we love everyone. Feel free to come out, say hi, and be sure to come help out for your 1.5 hours of community service shift, which is designed to help you get to know some of the awesome folks that come out to festival. (We promise it’s not all that bad, it really is designed to help new people cement themselves into the community and the magick of the festival)

I’m totally new to magic/not pagan/questioning

That’s perfectly fine! If you are new, this is the best place for you! FSG is designed to be one giant learning experience for anyone from “I’ve never done a ritual” to “I’ve done thousands of them”. Lots of very amazing minds will be gathered in one place for you to say hi, pick brains and learn things.
If your not exactly pagan but just like camping with open minded people? That’s cool too! (We’re open minded too!)
If your questioning your path, then again this is probably one of the best places for you. FSG can provide you with a safe place to try things, explore different paths and learn.